bildtec’s Engineering Team is committed and focused on clearly understanding the Clients design and performance requirements.  Our Team’s approach is to consider all building components that may affect the performance of the entire Building Envelope.


This holistic approach enables us to help our clients solve complex design challenges such as optimizing energy efficiency, assisting in the design of the various transitions between other building façade systems such as windows, masonry, stone, stucco, wood and others.

The building envelope is often one of the most expensive components; thus its overall performance is a critical aspect of the construction process.  Bildtec’s engineering design approach also focuses on  Rainscreen Principles to prevent water penetration, air leakage, thermal performance and vapour diffusion.

With a construction technology focus in the cladding industry, bildtec’s substructure systems provide our clients with the optimum design flexibility to allow for the combining a variety of façade materials; while providing durability, cost-effective installation and low maintenance costs.