With the growing market demand for innovative, design-oriented and cost-effective building cladding systems and façade materials, bildtec welcomes new opportunities to collaborate early on with Architects, Engineers, Constructors, Developers and Owners. 


Design Assistance requires a profound awareness of the design process and the ability to merge this with construction planning. Our team of experienced engineering and construction professionals will work with you to design your vision from initial sketch to final stages of construction and installation. Our Design-Assist approach allows us to address the particular requirements of each project, such as the specific architectural design vision, technical issues and cost-effectiveness.


bildtec's strength remains in our staff. With the ever-changing technology, materials and systems, we equip our team of professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to meet each new challenge that arises with both practicality and innovation. We know that each project is different, and address all visual aspects, technical issues and cost-effectiveness of each project to suit individual requirements and budgets.


As a Design-Assist partner, bildtec helps to take the concept from design to reality by providing 3D-modeling and animation to enable the Team to better understand and visualize the design concept and design intent.


Design Assistance from bildtec provides the added benefit of working hand-in-hand with our in-house Engineering Team that through cost and budget analysis, may recommend alternative options and connection details for a value-engineered design that fulfils the design’s functional needs, the architectural design requirements and still meets cost requirements