Sustainable Design, being one of the most fundamental issues in today’s building sector, has Architects and Designers looking to environmentally friendly materials. Owners and Developers are also looking to provide the market with the use of sustainable materials and construction technologies to reach a “Green” status.


The application of various cladding technologies married to a variety façade materials that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint is one of the most significant benefits to bildtec’s design approach.

Sustainable Design looks to produce structures, products, and services in such a way that it reduces the use of non-renewable resources while minimizing environmental impact.  With these two factors in mind, Sustainable Design should create an impact by the natural environment in terms of three main components: Design, Materials and Construction.  

bildtec’s contribution to this mandate is to provide the most environmentally friendly materials and the most current construction technologies available.


All of bildtec’s Substructure Components are manufactured in either Canada or the USA.