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Net-Zero Designs

BILDTEC systems use Building Science knowledge to provide effective and practical building envelope solutions that work toward achieving a NET ZERO design objective

Balanced, Effective, and Practical Design

Bildtec systems allow Architectural Designers and Stakeholders to design and construct cost-effective methods to lower environmental impact, and lower operating and maintenance costs; resulting in better resilience and management of energy requirements.

Our Duty

The choices made globally by Governments, Corporations, and the Public at large over the coming years will ultimately define how future generations will be impacted.

Industry Standard

Buildings can dispense thermal comfort levels on their own with traditional heating and cooling systems; but, when incorporated with other technologies such as Ground Source the need for traditional sources such as oil, coal, natural gas, and electrical heating/cooling is significantly reduced.

We Must Do More

Reducing pollutants is important, but is not sufficient on its own. We must work to provide initiatives that improve current building technologies and develop new methods that look toward a healthy and sustainable future.

Our Goal

At BILDTEC we aim to offer practical armor in the fight against climate change.


The development and adoption of Best Practices in design, product manufacturing and construction is essential to achieving a Net Zero objective. 



Developing a build strategy to achieve a Net-Zero objective requires not only the understanding of the scientific and technical concepts to hit the desired target; it also requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Building Envelope Systems' interactive relationship with the indoor environment of the structure and outdoor environment.

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