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about us

Bildtec Building Systems Inc. has provided Building Envelope Substructure Systems for the past 10 years. Our goal is to marry aesthetic architectural design  and the science of an effective Rainscreen designs using Bildtec’s innovative substructure systems.

Bildtec’s team of experienced professionals work to provide its clients with a fully integrated approach of engineering, design, testing, fabrication and installation training.


Bildtec applies this approach to all projects whether it is a new construction or the retrofit of an existing building. Our application of high-performance Rain Screen Technology allows us to apply Bildtec substructure systems to residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Bildtec's team works closely with the Client, Architect, Building Science Consultant, Designer, Project Manager and/or the Construction Manager from the initial design-concept phase by providing Design-Assist & Support to ensure the most cost-effective solutions, while working to maintain the design integrity and vision.

We encourage our clients to include Bildtec in the pre-construction planning phase to ensure the effective coordination of the complexities of engineering design, scheduling, fabrication, material delivery and, where required, a full-scale mock-up.  

With today’s heightened global awareness and focus to constructing sustainable and energy-efficient buildings, Bildtec provides the necessary expertise to achieve the required design goals with respect to Green Building Design and local Building Code requirements.


bildtec's sustainability objectives


Client & stakeholders

Through education and effective communication, we work with clients and stakeholders to achieve the most impactful engineering and design objectives that result in the improved sustainability of the systems, while optimizing its life cycle.


environmental impact

Minimization of environmental impact where possible by selecting the best available technologies and working with manufacturing partners that employ energy efficient systems in order to reduce the carbon footprint. 




Ensure that, as a responsible corporate citizen, all inherent obligations place the well-being of the public at the forefront when engineering and designing our products.


Health & Safety

Employ effective policies and systems that focus on the prevention and risk management that ensures the health and safety of its employees and the public at large.



Creating a work environment and cooperative culture that strives to maintain the highest level of service excellence through maximizing the efficiency of operational processes and available technologies.


product innovation


Maintaining a progressive and dynamic attitude towards product innovation and development by anticipating the client's expectations and ensuring long term sustainability through the lifecycle of the products.

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